Green Roof Systems

Extensive green roof

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An ecologically sound and economic green roof system that provides a meadow effect, which requires only low maintenance.
It is a multi-layer green roof system, comprising protection fleece, drainage layer, filter fleece and mineral-rich plant substrate for drought-resistant plant.
Application of the product is recommended for building structures with limited load bearing capacity and should not used in trafficked situations.

Intensive green roof

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An intensive green roof system, which includes an irrigation system. Opens up practically all the possibilities of normal ground-level gardening.
an intensive roof garden, comparable with a ground level natural garden in that its design and planting are similar. By use of a sophisticated yet simple water management system it is possible to plant and grow more demanding vegetation, even trees.
This system is ideal, where a suitable strong load bearing structure is available.

Simple intensive green roof

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Ideal for the creation of an outdoor living space. This garden roof system utilises basic plant types, which require more maintenance than the extensive roof.
A semi intensive type of green roof, generally covered with grasses, perennials and shrubs, offering different finishes and uses. The installation is more economical than that of a fully landscaped roof garden. It is ideal for an inverted roof construction as it provides the advantage of additional roof membrane protection.
This type of installation is recommended where there is the desire to create a pleasant. Environment that can be used those working or living at the location.
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